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Donations make it possible for me to create artwork, thank you!


Enjoying my wander through the artistic world.

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About me...

I began my artistic career in 2014 with my first artist alley table!  It was an incredible experience, I knew I wanted to keep being apart of conventions, selling my artwork.  Currently I attend about 10-15 events per year.


Along with participating in artist alleys I am also a board member for my local art association.  I enjoy going to my local public schools and talking about my career as an artist and encouraging students in the arts.

When I'm not creating artwork, you can usually find me volunteering in community projects both locally and online.  Growing up I remember going through both financial and family troubles.  As an adult I have such an appreciation for what has been done for me, giving back is an important part of my life.


Being an artist is a dream come true, join me in my wander through the artistic world.


-Nana Marchae