How much of the character do you want to commission?


-Pencil sketches are sealed with a spray to prevent smudging.

-Grey tone is done with only black/grey/white markers, pencils, and ink.

-Color is done using markers, colored pencils, and ink.

Are there additional characters on this commission?


Will there be lots of fine details?

Some items have lots of fine details and require additional time to complete.  Use your best judgement on this question when answering and if there is any changes I need to make I will discuss them with you via email before I send an invoice.

Do you want a background, and if so what type?

*Airbrush Design Background you pick the color and I will choose a design that will compliment the commission. 

What size paper do you want?

Please keep in mind that if you choose the 5"x7" option it limits how much detail I can add to characters and the background. When using the 5"x7" option I recommend to have no more than 2 characters.  Also, only use "Full Body" on 5"x7" if there is only one character and the character is small or they are sitting, squatting, or bent over in a way that allows more details.


Tell me about all the details you want on your commission. 

I will request any reference images you would like me to use when I send my response email.

Thanks for submitting!

You will receive a response within 24 hours.