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Character Commissions

Want a custom piece of art work created just for you?  Click on the button below to complete the form to purchase a commissioned art piece.  For samples of my work please see my print shop.

Kawaii Fan Art Commissions

These are my cookie cutter commissions.  Just tell me your favorite character and I will create it in my kawaii style.  To order just click on the button below.  These are completed on 5"x7" white card stock using markers, colored pencils, and ink.


Past Commission Examples *White background only.

(COM EX)MLP-Fluttershy.jpg
Mini Ponyta Prints
Mini Rapidash Print
Pinkie Pie
Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
(COM EX)MLP-AppleJack.jpg
Mini Umbreon
Mini Glaceon Print
Mini Sylveon Print
Mini Jolteon
Mini Flareon Print
Mini Leafeon Print
Mini Eevee Print
Mini Vaporeon Print
Mini Espeon Print
Mini Jiji Print